Arzu Canik "Discover yourself"

Arzu Canik has received astrology trainings at Wisdom of Heavens School “by R. Hakan Kirkoglu for three years to find an answer to the question, “Is not there a guidebook for the humans?”

During the Astro Therapy sessions, Arzu Canik will help you realize why you went through those occasions, what caused them to occur, and what you should have actually derived from them. Thanks to the sessions, you may be able to identify your life occasions you have previously labeled as “the problems” and will more easily overcome them.

Following the Astro Therapy session with Arzu Canik, your map will lead you find your place in this big planet more easily, to decide the point you would like to reach and meanwhile not to stray, not to waste your money, energy and time and last but not the least to savor the feeling of reaching the point you have desired.