Cindy Kohener “Create, Recreate, Realize and Love”

She was born in 1983 in Istanbul. She has grown up constantly asking the questions why and how. She has first acquainted with dance, then art and then the theatre. The theatrical education she began receiving at the primary school has proceeded until the first years of her university education at various notable schools. (Dormen Theatre, Ali Poyrazoglu, etc.)

She has fallen in love with the art of all branches and she was graduated from Radio and Film Department of Fine Arts Faculty, University of Marmara.

She has been taking part at cinema and commercial productions as assistant director and director since 2001. She has worked together with Osman Sinav, Gani Mujde, Cem Yilmaz and many other virtuoso.

Kohener who has been attending many personal development workshops since 2001 with her motive to find her inner voice, has been travelling around the world joining practices with Japan Shamans, receiving trainings at OSHO Ashrams and at likewise centers.