Are you ready to have several experiences that maybe you have never had?

How about breaking your patterns with bricks

Burning your fears in the fire

And walking on broken glass shards to focus in the “now”?

You may try these extraordinary experiences that is recognized all around the world and that enables overcome many fears dwelling in thee mind with Trusthuman Extreme team.

What is Trusthuman Extreme?

 Trusthuman is consists of 4 people who have received world renown trainings and qualified to be among limited number of trainings.

Ekip üyeleri : Team members: Metin Hara, Burak Calica, Mehmet Berberoglu and Alperen Canik.

What experience can you have with Trusthuman Extreme team?

1. Breaking hard bricks in one move.

2. Walking 700-100 C cinder coals bare foot.

3. Walking on sharp shards of around 3,250 glasses bare foot.

Well then, why are you expected to experience this?

1. Breaking hard bricks in one move:

It is a common idea dwells in the mind that “breaking bricks is related entirely to use force”. But the main teaching imparted in this training is just the contrary to this belief and you yourself will witness how you are able to break the 5 to 8 cm thick bricks without applying force, and you will begin to get liberated from many other thought patterns alike.


2. Walking 700-100 C cinder coals bare foot:

In this teaching that dates back B.C. 1200’s, main purpose was to conquer fear. Put your dreams, your aims, and the person you have always wanted to be at the end of the around 5 meters fire path. Then, you just step in the fire and walk, for in this teaching the teacher is the fire and whatever your teacher has taught you will be yours at the end of the path. The fear you overcome today will have a great impact on many issues in your life of fear.


Walking on sharp shards of around 3,250 glasses bare foot:

The central issue of today’s human being is to regret their past and to worry about the future. The purpose in Zen teaching, just as it is in many teachings, is to focus the “now”. In this particular teaching that imparts that it is only then people can attain happiness, you are required to entirely focus on the glasses so as to stay in the “now” and to raise your focusing faculty.


Alongside the 3 core teachings of each above mentioned teachings, there are 3 common teachings involved as well.

In this particular teaching, you will step out of the life circle you dwell in and regard as normal, and you will meet your own true world and your own true self.


Hoping to live through these extraordinary experiences together with you...