Metin Hara who has adopted an effectual school of treatment by synthesizing the knowledge of various energy methods and the knowledge of modern medicine, demonstrates both practically and scientifically what power of love and thought is able to do.

 He was born on 14th June 1982 in Istanbul. He attended Uskudar American College after he had completed his primary education at 50. Yıl Cumhuriyet Primary School.

Metin who set out his inner journey at the age of twelve, has received trainings in a good deal of distinctive teachings and improved himself in respect to esotericism. He has also attended Istanbul University, Capa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation upon having been influenced by the physiotherapists who helped his father rise to his feet within a year following a tragic traffic accident. During his university education, he has begun working as a commercial actor to earn a living and has had part in the domestic and international promotion commercials of many national and global brands.

He has set forth giving seminars and offering private sessions for the extremely sick patients. He has also been awarded as the Most Promising Actor in International Ankara Film Festival in 2008 as one of the leading actors in the film “Listen to the Nay” that was released in 2007.

Metin, who actualized “Trusthuman-Insanaguven” project in 2008, ever since has been touching people’s lives through private sessions and group seminars adopting the motto “A Different World is Possible”.

The book “The Path” that is the first book of “Invasion of Love” trilogy, has sold more than 100,000 copies within only three months and been in the bestseller lists for around eight months. Metin who has provided training seminars to many global corporations has also attracted notice with his social responsibility awareness. Alongside planting a tree or adopting a dolphin for each life he has touched, he has caught great attention with his visits and contributions to the prisons, orphanages and rest homes.

He has founded Trusthuman Academy in 2014 to show forth that each individual has a present to offer to the world.

The same very year he has been chosen as Tedx speaker and he gave his speech “A Different World is Possible” that was aired in 126 countries.

He began writing articles on Sunday Magazine of Hurriyet Newspaper and they made overwhelming impression.

Metin who has been giving trainings and seminars at a great many universities, medicine faculties and health institutions, has also been giving many trainings and seminars abroad to teach how love and power of thought impacts human health both scientifically and practically. 

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