Mutsumi Adachi

The highly competent Ki energy therapist Mutsumi Adachi from Bangkok who has received Sound Healing and Craniosacral trainings and has been given sessions throughout the world is now giving private sessions at Insanaguven between 13th and 17th June.

During an hour long private therapy sessions, the problem in one of the five sensual organs is identified and blockade is dissipated through audio frequency in the problematic area.
Besides, Mutsimi Adachi helps the traumatic effects created by past grief, anger, fear and worry ease, and helps the effects in the subconscious system dissolve.

Take good care of your memory! Both your body and mind lives up to its reminders.

To have further information and to register, please call our main office 0212 284 00 99. If you are unable to reach us by phone, please email