Sandra Şarhon "Happy Mother, Happy Kids"

Sandra who has set out her transformation journey upon the birth of her son has realized that the more she approaches her self, the freer she gets from her fears and the better her peace and happiness within gets. During this period, she has observed that her communication with her son transformed into a love oriented relationship, that she has begun to savor each moment of her life, and that her life energy has not only expanded but has reflected upon everyone around as well.

With the passion to share all of her experiences with the mothers who are going through similar processes, she has left her 12 years of corporation career behind, received coaching trainings from Adler International Learning and has begun Mother Coaching. Besides coaching, she has reached even more parents by having been certified as Parent Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordon. She has been giving seminars on teachings that are designed for parents to develop happy and peaceful relationships at schools and at other distinct platforms

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